Men’s walking groups. My Dad is part of one in Victor Harbor with a close group of mates and each week they walk the Granite Island loop.

According to Dad, it’s all about "the serenity", to quote The Castle, and it’s relaxing, even though you’re walking [classic Dad joke]. Suitable for all fitness levels, it’s roughly 3.6kms or 4700 steps if you keep track on the pedometer. A good way to notch you closer to your 10,000 a day.

Your mental health gets a boost of the happy hormones too, taking in the sea air, a bit of light banter amongst mates, sunshine and of course all the collective health benefits of moving the body.

The Causeway Café is the meeting point, right next door to the Victor Harbor Visitor Information Centre. After all the morning chuckles are out of the way for those who are late, the walking commences past the stables where the Clydesdales are kept for the Victor Harbor Horse Tram.

Once on the Island, the boys like to walk clockwise along the Kaiki trail, so if taking the same route, once you’re over the Causeway head left towards Screwpile Jetty and the Island Café. You’ll then walk up at least 100 steps, immediately hearing the waves crashing on the rocks, and feel a cool light sea mist on your face. If stopping to wipe your brow, it’s a great vantage point to take some pics..

There are trails that cut through the centre, but it’s nice being on the track closest to the water. There are markings with different art structures and sculptures too to make it interesting.

To the south, marvel in the spectacular views of Seal Island, and the Bluff and Encounter Bay to the west. If the weather is bad Umbrella Rock is a good halfway point to shelter in the rain. There’s a lookout on the northern side of the island also with amazing views of Victor Harbor. If overcast it can feel quite eerie, but when clear, it’s an absolute knockout.

In whale season, keep a keen eye out for these majestic beauties. You may see dolphins and seals playing too.  The island is a wonderful spot to visit anytime of the year.

As you head back towards the Causeway, the track now becomes a concrete sleeper walkway with a handrail. Although not steep, you do have to be careful of your footing, especially if you’ve got coffee on the brain like the boys do as they head back to Causeway Café for their ‘reward’.

“I like a hot long black, but the others have the fancy stuff, like a skinny hot hot hot no froth latte.” Dad laughs.

If you’re feeling extra fit you can join the café’s ‘Granite Island Challenge’. Record your walk using Strava and the top three male and female times go on the board. If you make the board you receive a free coffee or tea.  Walking may not cut it though, you might need to up the ante and break into a jog heaven forbid. Not happening for Alan, “I don’t run, unless someone’s chasing me.”

Horse drawn carriages are still running for now. A new causeway will commence being built to the island in early 2021 and the Clydesdales will still be an exciting feature.

Dad chips in and says… “You can talk to the horses… they don’t necessarily talk back though… they aren’t Mr Ed”. Thanks for that Alan.

Anything else you can tell me Dad?   “No, the rest is secret.” he says with a chuckle. I guess you’ll have to go and find out for yourself.

Victor Harbor is only approximately 75 minutes from the City of Adelaide.


Guest blogger: Kelly Golding @kelly_golding_
Photography: Kelly Golding @kelly_golding_

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