Mysterious Rock Sculptures Found on Top of the Bluff at encounter bay 

Posted: 12 February 2017 / Written by: Melinda Mayne / Pet Let Accommodation

Stone HEnge on the Bluff

Yesterday, I was doing my regular morning “mountain climb”.  Yep – every weekday, i kick off my day by climbing a mountain.  From that point on, the day just has to be easier!  The mountain in question;  The Bluff at Encounter Bay.  “That’s no mountain!” I hear some of you scream.  That may technically be true, but its the closest thing to a mountain that Encounter Bay has, and it feels like a mountain when Im climbing it (which only takes me 12 mins on a good day so you can tell Im not very fit!) – so literally and metaphorically, Im going to call it a bloody mountain!

Anyhow – back to the story.  The other morning I was walking (Im being generous – staggering might be a better fit) just over the top of the Bluff (I come up on the Victor Harbor side and go down the Kings beach side, when I came upon a strange view.  Something akin to the Maree Man or perhaps Stonehenge grabbed my attention!  In the 24 hours since my last mountain climb, a mysterious trio of rock sculptures has appeared perched upon some of the large granite boulders that adorn the Bluff.  They are spectacular!

Look closely at the way this sculpture is constructed.  Although it appears this way from a distance, its not made up of 7 rocks stacked from largest to smallest: its made up of 13 rocks – with one rock on either side of a layer.

Looking from the Bluff through to Kings Beach with two of the three sculptures acting as sentinels.

A (poor) close up of one of the sculptures that defies gravity.

The upside down sculpture somehow remains standing.  This may well be the first one to fall if a big southerly gets hold of it!

I never get tired of the view from the Bluff to Kings beach – and this sculpture is the perfect addition.

This shot shows the three sculptures in formation, looking back to the hills of Encounter Bay from the southern side of the Bluff.


Created from a combination of large and small granite rocks, the sculptures sit precariously atop their boulder foundations.  What alien life form had deigned to land on the Bluff and create these wondrous sculptures.  In two of the three cases, the sculptures defy the laws of physics and are stacked “upside down”; smaller rocks on the bottom than on the top.

The majesty of the sculptures against the backdrop of the landscape of the Bluff and the beauty of Kings Beach is something to behold. Whoever or whatever has created these stunning sculptures is a true artist.  The photos do not do them justice.  I suspect they will not have the enduring quality of Stonehenge and so within days, weeks or months will collapse (hopefully not as a result of a deliberate act).  if you are visiting Victor Harbor, or Pt Elliot or Middleton sometime soon, plan a trip to Encounter Bay, spend 12 minutes climbing up from the bottom (or about 5 minutes from the highest car park) and see these sculptures for yourself.

If you are the creator of these sculptures, thank you. You have added to the majesty of the Bluff and I salute you.  Please don’t stop.  Your work is truly appreciated by many of us who climb the mountain!

If you would like to visit the sculptures and need accommodation close by, we have seven pet friendly holiday house in Encounter Bay. We would love to have you stay with us and share your thoughts on these incredible rock sculptures.


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