The Fleurieu Peninsula is a triangular section of the State of South Australia, bounded on two sides by sea, and the end of Australia's largest waterway, The Murray River.

On our west is the Gulf St Vincent, shared with the Adelaide CBD, and to the southeast is the Southern Ocean, creating over 250km of beaches and coastal cliffs to bound our region.

Kangaroo Island lies off the western tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The third side of the triangle is created as the Murray River; Australia's greatest waterway terminates into the Southern lakes and the Coorong National Park. The Langhorne Creek winemaking region is nestled on the edge of Lake Alexandrina. 

The Mount Lofty Ranges begin at the southernmost point of the Fleurieu Peninsula (Cape Jervis) stretching northwards for over 300 kilometres to creating the Adelaide Hills, bordering the Barossa Valley and cross the Flinders Ranges to the north.

These ranges provide a great contrast for the coastline of the Fleurieu, with cooler pine forests and tricking waterfalls, perfect for picnics in the summer months. There are some vantage points in the southern Fleurieu where the Gulf St Vincent, the Southern Ocean and Kangaroo Island can be seen.