Alexandrina's Ngarrindjeri Fine Art

Fleurieu Peninsula

Alexandrina Fredricka Campbell is a proud Ngarrindjeri Memini (woman) from South Australia.

Alexandrina belongs to the Ngarrindjeri Kullindjeri, Yarldari (Mangurupa, Turion, Wataltinyerar - dialects), Ramindjeri and Potawolin clans. Born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1991 she is a proud mother to three beautiful children. Her grandmother Amelia Stella Campbell was born on Pt McLeay Mission now known as Raukkan in 1948 and is from the four corners of the Ngarrindjeri nation. Her Great-Grandmother (Stella Lena Campbell nee McHughes, Granddaughter to William McHughes) named me after Lake Alexandrina. One of the lakes her grandmother Amelia grew up on and swam in as a child, the location holds memories and stories passed down from elders.

Alexandrina was inspired to capture her Ngarrindjeri culture on canvas to allow others to enjoy a unique piece of Ngarrindjeri fine art. She enjoys creating and painting her masterpiece artworks using only quality products in fine acrylic paints, fine oil paints, and quality canvas.

All original artworks will be varnished using only quality painting varnish as an extra protectant of the original work.

Reproduction prints are Giclee printed on quality canvas. Reproduction prints are replicas of original artwork.

She has inherited her grandmother's creative artistic personality, and shows it in her paintings created. She is an indigenous artist, creating contemporary original Ngarrindjeri fine art paintings.
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