Rapid Bay

(Kaurna name: Patpangga – in the south)

100 kilometres from Adelaide

Easily overlooked (but that's all part of the charm), Rapid Bay hasn't yet succumbed to the flurry of beachside development seen elsewhere. Those with a nose for history will find an important South Australian landmark – a replica of the boulder on which SA's founding father, Colonel William Light, carved his initials after he first stepped ashore from his ship The Rapid, in the new colony. 'I have hardly seen a place I like better', Light is reported to have said – many would agree with him.

The small hamlet is nestled snugly between a long sandy beach and towering cliffs. The approach from Main South Road is down a winding road with spectacular views across the gulf. Limestone mining, which once dominated the bay, has declined but the long jetty remains, now joined by a new jetty that has become a popular fishing spot. The bay is also a well known dive site and one of the areas the endangered Leafy Sea Dragon calls home.

Fast fact

It has been suggested that there were plans to make Rapid Bay South Australia's capital prior to the discovery of the Adelaide plains.


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