Seasons and Climate

The Fleurieu Peninsula offers an amenable climate ALL year round

It is typically Mediterranean with cool winters May to August ranging through 10-18°C, and warm to hot dry summers November to March ranging through 24-35°C, great for enjoying the beach and water activities.

While the grassland areas can be dry in the summer, the grapevines in our wine region leap into full colour, as do the flowers of the evergreen eucalypts in our National parks. In the summer months, the area to the west of an imaginary line drawn between Port Elliot and Yankalilla is milder in temperature than the northern and eastern areas, as are the central ranges. 


Autumn brings great surf, mild calm days, and the vintage time in our wine regions. The Fleurieu cools to an average around 23°C, with long periods of blue skies and no wind.

Winter can be cool by South Australian standards, with sporadic rain and coastal breezes – perfect for enjoying a world class red wine by an open fire in your bed and breakfast, or hiking the Heysen Trail or land-based whale watching from numerous vantage points.

Spring brings the return to life of our grasslands, with the rolling hills of the interior covered with a continuous green, in some places reminiscent of Cornwall, with temperatures returning to a mild 22°C and plenty of sunshine.


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