There are a number of ways to explore, discover and experience the Fleurieu Peninsula. Whether you prefer the freedom of a self-drive tour, or a full escorted tour there are plenty of options. You can take the time and at your leisure enjoy a number of trails throughout the region.

Fleurieu Food & Drink Trail is a food and wine guide that will take you on a tasty adventure of culinary delight.

Fleurieu Arts & Culture Guide will expose you to the many talented artists across thereion. You can meet the locals and participate in artisitic workshops.

Connecting Regions Trail is a convenient virtual gateway full of interactive videos to inspire you to explore the region.

A number of accredited tour operators offer day and extended trips throughout the Fleurieu Peninsula and surrounding regions, with modes of transport including buses, cars, trains, limousines and even trikes! 

The Fleurieu Peninsula is South Australia's adventure capital and has a range of adventure experiences only an hour from Adelaide.  Fleurieu Adventures is a partnership of adventure operators, that have joined forces to offer adventure packages that go for a half day, full day, weekend and more. 

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Contacts for information & bookings

Five Visitor Information Centres are spread across the Fleurieu Peninsula. Each has a dedicated team of locals and resources to support you during your stay.

They can provide you with assistance in booking your trip, planning details for your visit, or give advice on what is happening in the region during your stay.