Pelicans along the Coorong


Ngarrindjeri name: Kumerangk

89 kilometres from Adelaide

Hindmarsh Island is an inland river island located in the lower Murray River, near the town of Goolwa and the Murray Mouth, where the river meets the sea. A unique destination which faces fresh water on one side and salt water on the other, it provides exciting and diverse opportunities for birdwatchers and fishing enthusiasts.

It’s home to the only island (Lonely Island) within an island (Hindmarsh Island) within an island (Australia) in the southern hemisphere.

Hindmarsh Island also forms the boundary for the Coorong National Park. ‘The Coorong’, as it’s known, is a place of tranquillity, solitude and wonderment. Venture into a timeless, untamed wilderness and marvel at the diversity nature has provided. Our tip, hop on one of the tours, either Spirit of the Coorong or Canoe the Coorong for a unique perspective of the area.

Hindmarsh Island

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