Say Cheese!

Fleurieu Peninsula

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Fleurieu Food and Wine offer a mozarella-making session to get you stretching in the kitchen. This flexible private event caters for as few as four people up to ten! This is a hands-on on cooking session where you will learn how to make your own mozzarella.

You'll start with developing the curd and then move through to cutting and stretching the cheese. What to do with the whey and some great recipes for your homemade cheese. Their unique event style means that they can come to you with everything needed for you all to have some great hand’s on fun!

Allow three hours for demonstration and tasting. Includes cheese making supplies so you can apply your new cheese skills when you get home!

Fleurieu Food and Wine is owned and operated by Jackie and John Mazzocato, locals with a love of all things food and wine! Jackie has a passion for cooking and vast experience in recipe development and curation. With a wealth of good humour and expert knowledge, the tasting events they run are truly special, and approachable for anyone. Carefully selected pairings with layered flavours and house-made accompaniments, your palates will be awakened and your tastebuds delighted!


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