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River Torrens Dark History Cruise

Fleurieu Peninsula

From $50
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Once it was decided to establish a settlement, the River Torrens stood out as a very convenient source of water, in a lush, quiet surrounding. The River has certainly seen lots of activity, from recreational swimming and rowing, to body disposal and prowling spots of some of Adelaide’s most notorious criminals.

We will show you where bodies have been found, dumped and drowned in the Torrens. Come aboard and sit over the spot Mrs Habibulta had part of her body discovered in the River, leading to the police draining the River to find the rest of her.

Hear about our own investigations at the Festival Theatre and learn about it’s own development, with remnants of the original buildings still beneath it! You will discover what recordings were taken during the investigation and discover who it might be that was talking to us.

Join us on the historic Popeye cruise and relax on the River that has seen it all! Sit back, float along this scenic cruise and listen to the history of the City, the River, and the people that have used it as a dumping ground, if not worse!


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