Tasting in the Dark: a sensory event

Fleurieu Peninsula

From $125
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Have you ever wondered how the senses work together to influence what you taste? The five senses all play a role in how they experience food and wine.

What happens when they remove the sense of sight? How does this influence the wine experience?

Journey deep into the darkness of Hardys exclusive private Fortified Cellar to find out in this fun and interactive wine tasting to engage the senses.

They’ll be turning down the lights, putting on the blindfolds and tasting…in the dark. Your host will guide you through the wine tasting process and help you develop the knowledge and vocab to taste like a pro.

This bespoke guided wine experience is suitable for all levels, no prior knowledge required and there are no wrong answers. This tasting is about enhancing your knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding of wine, your own palate and elevating the wine experience. You will walk away with deeper knowledge of wine and learn some sensory tricks and skills to take to your next dinner party.


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