Seated Wine Tasting Experience

Fleurieu Peninsula

From $10
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Immerse yourself in the seasons with Kimbolton Wines unique seated wine tasting experience, featuring five carefully selected Kimbolton Wines capturing the essence of Autumn or Winter. Choose from four distinct tasting experiences:

Mixed Tasting:
A selection of red and white Kimbolton wines.

Alternate Tasting:
Explore Mediterranean Kimbolton varieties.

Red Tasting:
Savor a variety of red Kimbolton wines.

The Rifleman Tasting:
Experience wines from our premium range.

As the crisp autumn air envelops Langhorne Creek, our cellar door, designed from repurposed shipping containers, merges rustic elegance with sustainable innovation. Amidst the amber and crimson foliage, the rooftop viewing deck offers a breathtaking panorama. Ascend the steps to find a cozy retreat with warm wooden accents, where you can enjoy the changing landscape.

In winter, the cellar door transforms into a snug haven. You can enjoy the fire pit's glow as you taste the smooth whites and rich reds, creating a warm and enchanting atmosphere.

Kimbolton Wines cellar door welcomes you throughout the year, whether you are drawn by the autumn colors or the winter coziness. It invites you to experience the beauty of the Langhorne Creek wine region.


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