Signature Wine & Cheese Flight

Fleurieu Peninsula

From $25
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Embark on a seasonal adventure with our Signature Wine & Cheese Flights, carefully crafted to capture the essence of each season. Paired with four Kimbolton Wines and local artisan cheeses, this immersive journey harmonizes with the evolving atmosphere at Kimbolton.

In autumn, savor a symphony of flavors reflecting the season's transition. The pairings, inspired by the season's bounty, invite you to enjoy the changing landscape. Take a moment during the flights to breathe in the delightful aromas of the wines, perfectly complemented by the richness of each cheese bite. Expertly chosen by Nicole and the Kimbolton team, these pairings capture the ripe, unique nuances of the season.

As winter arrives, their Wine & Cheese Flight adapt to the cooler vibes. Guided by the availability of seasonal cheeses, this experience adds a new dimension to your tasting journey. Enjoy the interplay of winter notes and let the cozy atmosphere of the Cellar Door embrace you.

Follow their recommendations while embracing the chance to try something different. Sometimes, exploring unconventional pairings reveals the magic of finding the perfect match. Embrace the possibility that a mismatch may lead to the joy of discovering the harmonious blend you've been seeking.


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