Full-Day Coorong Experience

Fleurieu Peninsula

From $165
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Experience the magic of the Coorong National Park on a Full-Day adventure that blends natural beauty with rich cultural history. Spirit of the Coorong take you on a journey to learn about the Ngarrindjeri nation and the Tanganekald people from a Ngarrindjeri elder. Listen to stories and traditions that have been passed down through generations, gaining a deeper understanding of their heritage.

Cruise the scenic Coorong National Park on this unique expedition. As you navigate its tranquil waterways, you'll have the chance to observe a variety of wildlife, including long-nosed fur seals, emus, kangaroos, and an array of bird species. The park's diverse ecosystem offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and the Spirit of the Coorong team are the leading edge in Coorong experiences.

Guided through the breathtaking sand dunes by the experts in cultural and environmental preservation, you'll feel a sense of tranquillity and connection to the land.

One of the day's highlights is tasting the Goolwa cockles, also known as kuti. This local delicacy provides a delicious glimpse into the region's culinary traditions and is a must-try for any visitor.

The Full-Day Coorong Experience promises an unforgettable blend of cultural enrichment and natural wonder.


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