The Local Adventure Company

Fleurieu Peninsula

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The Local Adventure Company is founded by two local South Australians, Dani and Talia.

From knowing each other since childhood to working three jobs together, their fourth and final job is this one - creating and building The Local Adventure Company.

Having a combined experience in outdoor guiding of over a decade, they are on a mission to create an outdoor experience, learning from all the successes and mistakes of the companies they have worked for in the past.

You can expect an experience with them to have to following missions:

Creating a like-minded community of adventurers who want to be active and connect with the outdoors.
Building confidence in adventuring outdoors.
An authentic and genuine experience that is designed and tested by the locals.
Direct communication from them before, during and after your trip.
A trip that has a high focus on sustainability – minimal waste and local produce.


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