01 Apr 2024

Welcome to a foodie adventure like no other on the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula! Known for its exceptional wines, fresh produce, and captivating landscapes, this region promises a feast for all the senses. From heartwarming wines to seasonal feasts, here's our guide to experiencing the authentic flavours and hospitality of the region.

Cellar Treasures Event in Langhorne Creek

August is the month to really savour Langhorne Creek's finest at the Cellar Treasures Event. Immerse yourself in a blend of classic and contemporary experiences, from wine tastings to art exhibitions and live music performances. Each cellar door offers a unique journey, promising treasured memories and a deeper appreciation for Langhorne Creek's renowned wines and fortifieds.

Cellar Treasures, Langhorne Creek Wine Region
Cellar Treasures, Langhorne Creek Wine Region

What Harry Would Have Degustation Experience at Wirra Wirra Vineyards

Join us for an authentic culinary escapade at Wirra Wirra Vineyards' Harry's Deli with their exclusive "What Harry Would Have" degustation lunch. Feast on eight tantalizing dishes crafted by Chef Tom Boden, showcasing the best of the Fleurieu's seasonal treasures. Pair each dish with Wirra Wirra's esteemed wines for an unforgettable feast that pays homage to local flavours and the art of indulgence.

OysterPalooza at Never Never Distilling Co.

Prepare to dive into a shellfish extravaganza at Never Never Distilling Co.'s annual OysterPalooza! Treat your taste buds to freshly shucked oysters expertly paired with specialty gin cocktails. With frozen gin tastings and an irresistible oyster menu, this event promises a flavour explosion that will leave you clamouring for more. So, shuck, sip, and savour the briny delights with friends and fellow aficionados.

Oyster Palooza, Never Never Distilling Co.
Oyster Palooza, Never Never Distilling Co.

Warmed by the Fire: A Shingleback Experience in McLaren Vale

Cosy up fireside at Shingleback's rustic McLaren Vale cellar door for a journey into the world of warm wines. Learn about the history and art of mulled wines while nibbling on winter grazing platters and sampling a variety of toasty wine blends. Let the crackling fire and the rich aromas of spiced wine transport you to a place of comfort and conviviality, where stories flow as freely as the wine.

Shingleback Cellar Door
Shingleback Cellar Door

Tasting Australia: A Culinary Celebration of Cheese, Food and Wine with Dandelion Vineyards

Join Dandelion Vineyards for an exclusive culinary adventure amidst the scenic Firehawk Farm. Indulge in a five-course lunch paired with exquisite cheeses and wines, curated by owner and winemaker Elena Brooks. Immerse yourself in the terroir of the vineyard and the artistry of the culinary creations, creating memories that linger long after the last bite.

Dandelion Vineyards
Dandelion Vineyards

Water. Fire. Earth Hosted by Mitolo

Embrace the winter elements at Mitolo with a guided tasting of their outstanding red wines and a culinary experience at Little Wolf Osteria. Enjoy the warmth of blazing fires, panoramic views, and seasonal flavours that capture the soul of the Fleurieu Peninsula. Let the elements awaken your senses, from the velvety texture of the wines to the smoky aroma of the wood-fired dishes, creating a harmonious union of nature and gastronomy.

Peninsula Providore Seasonal Showcase

Delve into the heart of the Fleurieu Peninsula with Peninsula Providore's Seasonal Showcase. From olive grove tours to indulgent olive oil tastings and a plated long lunch, celebrate the region's bountiful produce and authentic experiences. Experience the journey of olives from branch to plate, the craftsmanship behind each bottle of olive oil, and the communal spirit that infuses every dish.


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