12 Dec 2023

Langhorne Creek: A Cyclist's Paradise and Cellar Door Extravaganza.

Gear up for a day of bikes, banter, and, most importantly, bottles in beautiful Langhorne Creek! While the Santos Tour Down Under adds a dash of adrenaline to the Fleurieu Peninsula, Langhorne Creek is here to prove that the best way to catch the race is with a glass of wine in hand. Get ready for a day of laid-back charm, cheeky sips, and a front-row seat to the cycling spectacle that spins by at approximately 1:05 pm.

Bleasdale Vineyards: TDU Lawn Party

Start your Langhorne Creek adventure at Bleasdale, where the TDU Lawn Party promises a lively atmosphere. Enjoy the festivities and soak up the energy before the race. Bleasdale's picturesque setting provides the ideal backdrop for mingling with fellow enthusiasts and savoring some of the region's finest wines. Bleasdale wines will flow, laughter will echo, and you'll be all set for a classy start to your Langhorne Creek escapade.

Kimbolton Wines: Race from the Rooftop

Next stop: Kimbolton for the "Race from the Rooftop" experience. Why settle for ground-level excitement when you can watch the race from a rooftop? Elevate your spirits and your wine glass and feel like the king or queen of Langhorne Creek for the day.

Bremerton Wines: Sprint & Sip

At Bremerton, combine the thrill of the race with the sophistication of wine tasting at the "Sprint & Sip" event. Sample a selection of Bremerton's award-winning wines as you cheer on the cyclists. The winery's charming ambiance adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your race day experience. It's like a wine-fuelled marathon, but with fewer leg cramps.

Long Lunch at Lake Breeze

Take a break from the race excitement and indulge in a leisurely long lunch at Lake Breeze. The winery's stunning surroundings and delectable food offerings create the perfect setting for a relaxing mid-day reprieve. Savor local flavours and recharge for the upcoming race spectacle.

Historic Main Street and Ziptrak® Sprint #1

Hit the historic main street for the Ziptrak® Sprint #1. Feel the adrenaline as the cyclist’s race through, and experience the vibrant atmosphere created by enthusiastic onlookers. Cheer on the riders, enjoy the spectacle, and soak up the infectious energy. And if you miss it, don't worry; the excitement lingers like the scent of a good red.

General Store Delights

Mosey over to the local general store in Langhorne Creek for a pit stop that's as charming as it is delicious. The general store has crafted a cleverly named Bicycles & Burgers special just for this occasion. Because let's face it, nothing fuels a dedicated spectator like a darn good burger. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just there for the good times, this stop promises to tickle your taste buds with a hearty dose of flavour. 

Windsong Wines Prosecco Pop-up at the Hub

For those who prefer their cheers with a side of fizz, make your way to the Hub on Langhorne Creek’s main road. Here, Windsong Wines is rolling out the red carpet for a Prosecco Pop-up. Sip, savour, and add a touch of sparkle to your Langhorne Creek adventure, along with an unbeatable front row view of the Ziptrack Sprint. After all, who says wine can't be a spectator sport too?

Langhorne Creek, with its cellar door extravaganzas and thrilling race day events, offers a perfect blend of cycling excitement and wine country charm. Immerse yourself in the hospitality of renowned wineries, savour delicious offerings, and witness the Santos Tour Down Under in a setting that perfectly captures the essence of this remarkable region. Langhorne Creek invites you to celebrate both the race and the rich tapestry of experiences that make this destination truly special.



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