12 Dec 2023

Strathalbyn to Ashbourne - Exploring Cycling History and Race-Day Wonders.

Strathalbyn, a town deeply rooted in cycling history, invites you to experience race day in a way that goes beyond the whir of wheels. The Santos Tour Down Under will zip through at approximately 1:35 pm, and Strathalbyn is ready to offer you a day filled with both race excitement and local charm.

Gilberts Museum: The Hub of Cycling Heritage

Begin your day on Strathalbyn’s historic High Street with a visit to Gilberts Museum. Dive into their special exhibition, "Strathalbyn and the Deadly Trebbly," unravelling the town's rich connection with cycling manufacture and culture. It's a pedal-powered journey through the annals of time. Check it out; you might learn a thing or two about how Strathalbyn rolls (pun intended).

Tour de Brunch at Wistow on High

Head over to Wistow on High for the Tour de Brunch. It's like the Tour de France but with eggs and pancakes. Settle in, enjoy brunch, and catch the race on the big screen. Because why watch the race on an ordinary TV when you can do it in style?

Strathalbyn Visitor Information Centre: Prime Race-Watching Spot 

As the race approaches, position yourself at the Strathalbyn Visitor Information Centre. It offers a fantastic vantage point to witness the cyclists enter town along South Terrace before making the turn up Dawson Street. Feel the wind in your hair and the excitement in the air. It's like front-row seats, but without the ticket price.

Mega Bike Burger at The Bean Machine

Lunchtime calls for a Mega Bike Burger at The Bean Machine. It's not just a burger; it's a burger on race day. Because you need fuel to cheer, and what better way to do it than with a burger that's as mega as the cyclists' leg muscles?

Ziptrak® Sprint #2 on Commercial Road

A little further up on Commercial Road, catch the thrill of the Ziptrak® Sprint #2. Feel the adrenaline as the cyclists push their limits and join the lively crowd in cheering them on. It's a sprint, a spectacle, and a celebration all in one.

King of the Mountain

Head towards Ashbourne for the King of the Mountain at Gemmell Hill at approximately 1:36 pm. The 4.1km ride up a 159m ascent with a maximum gradient of 10.0 will push the cyclists to their limit and their pain-filled grimaces will make for great viewing.

Greenman Inn

Ashbourne’s iconic Greenman Inn is in a prime location to see the peloton pass by. Open all day from 11.00 am for indoor and outdoor dining, live music from midday, a delicious TDU menu, and the chance to watch the race live on screen throughout the day.


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