12 Dec 2023

Port Elliot - A Day of Waves, Wheels, and Wonder.

Welcome to Port Elliot, where the Santos Tour Down Under is not just a race; it's the perfect mix of wheels, waves, and coastal wonders. From 11 am onwards, the town will be buzzing with action, offering a day that's not only about the cyclists speeding up to the finish line, but also about immersing yourself in the unique spirit of Port Elliot. Whether you're arriving on the Cockle Train or making your way by other means, Port Elliot promises action, relaxation, and family fun. 

All Aboard the Cockle Train - Because Trains Are Not Just for Commuting 

Start your adventure by hopping on the Cockle Train from Goolwa, Middleton, or Victor Harbor. It's not your average train ride; it's the scenic route to Port Elliot, complete with a special race day timetable. Enjoy the journey; it's not just about the destination.

Hotel Elliot - Where Beers and Bikes Unite 

Close to the train station, find yourself at Hotel Elliot, where the action spills out onto Henry Street. Grab a beer, soak in the lively atmosphere, and catch the race on the big screen. It's the perfect pit stop for a taste of local brews and race-day buzz.

The Strand: Sip Coffee, Mosey to the Finish Line 

Explore Port Elliot's charming main street, The Strand. Grab a coffee at Cockles, because, let's face it, caffeine and cycling go hand in hand. Then, mosey up to the finish line, enjoying the coastal charm as you make your way through this charming coastal town.

Continental Park: Picnics, Screens, and Premium Views 

Pack a picnic rug and settle in near the finish line at Continental Park. Here, you'll find a giant screen to catch all the race action, food vans to satisfy your cravings, Kondoli the (enormous and very colourful) Whale, and an atmosphere that's as vibrant as the Fleurieu region itself. For a premium experience, the ticketed Breakaway Zone offers fantastic views of the finish line.

Lakala Park and Horseshoe Bay - Markets and Beach Bliss

Wrap up the day with a detour through Lakala Park, where you’ll find the special race day Rotary Market. Enjoy this country market’s fresh local produce, bric-a-brac, plants, and crafts – there is something for everyone. Then, amble along Port Elliot’s spectacular headland to Horseshoe Bay. It's not just a beach; it's the finale to your Port Elliot escapade, complete with golden sands, crashing waves, and a perfect sunset. Because in Port Elliot, even the sun knows how to finish in style.


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